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Preparing for Your Tattoo Appointment: Essential Steps to Take Before Getting Inked

Its nearly time! Your tattoo appointment is imminently looming in your diary and the excitement is starting to build, but what is the best way to prepare for your new tattoo? There are a few things you can do to make sure your tattoo appointment goes as smoothly as possible.

What do I need to bring?

will depend of the length of your tattoo appointment but there are a few essentials that you will need.

  • A valid form of photo ID will be needed to get a tattoo, as you have to be over 18 in the UK, so please don’t forget this!

  • It is a good idea to bring snacks and drinks to keep your blood sugar stable during your tattoo, and to keep you going throughout the day. If you are sitting all day bringing lunch with you is also a good idea, your body will need the sustenance and helps with pain management.

  • Please dress in appropriate clothing for the location of your tattoo. Comfortable clothes help you feel relaxed when you’re sitting still for a long period. Think about where your tattoo is going to be placed and dress accordingly, ie skinny jeans for a thigh tattoo wouldn’t be ideal! Getting a tattoo can also be a slightly messy process so don’t wear clothes that you wouldn't want accidental ink marks on! Designer white shirts are your worst enemy here!

  • Shirts and zip hoodies are essential if your getting tattoos on your back as these can be put on backwards so you are slightly covered during your appointment. If you are prone to feeling cold extra layers and a blanket is also a good idea!

How should I prepare for my appointment?

small fine line tattoos on wrist

We advise that you come to your appointment well rested, hydrated and having eaten a meal. There is nothing worse than sitting for a tattoo whilst hungover having had no sleep, and this can also affect the outcome of your tattoo. Water and food are they key to an easy tattoo appointment. Your skin is harder to tattoo if you are dehydrated, and residual alcohol within your bloodstream can thin your blood making the process harder than it needs to be, so please don’t party the night before your appointment! Look after yourself in the day coming up to your appointment, make sure you’ve had a good  nights sleep. Doing anything when you’re overtired is difficult, but sleep is essential before a tattoo so that you can be aware of how your body is reacting. Certain people also find that getting tattooed on little sleep can cause it to hurt more, but of course this varies for each individual. Regardless, being well rested is always a good thing and will make your session easier.

How should I prepare my skin?

butterfly tattoo artist tattoos arm

The the day leading up to your appointment, using a good moisturiser is recommended to keep there area being tattoos hydrated and prepared, however please do not apply moisturiser the day of you appointment as this can affect the tattoo and stencil process. If the tattoo is in an area you do not normally shave, please do not shave in advance! This can cause razor burn which may affect the healing of your tattoo. Your artist will prep your skin for you at the start. It is also essential that you let your artist know if you would like or are planning on using numbing cream. We will advice on the correct use of numbing cream as well as which brands are preferred by your individual artist, as certain numbing creams work better than others and they can also cause irritation and changes to skin texture which can affect the outcome of your tattoo!

Now we’ve gone over the essentials its time for you to relax, and get excited for your new ink!

ZO PISKIE- Artist At Enigma Studios

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