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Enigma Tattoo and Piercing in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, we also have a mobile tattoo studio for weddings, events, festivals and more.


Welcome to the vibrant world of Griff.Tattoo at Enigma Tattoo Studios! I’m Alex Griffin, your artistic guide through the realms of ink and creativity. With a foundation in illustration, my passion for tattooing is present through every piece of work I craft. Whether it’s the meticulous details of realism or the timeless charm of traditional designs, I thrive in bringing your vision to life.


One of my specialties lies in the intricate art of stipple style tattoos, where I sculpt moments into your skin like a living canvas. Now, I’m on a journey to explore the world of neo-traditional, seamlessly blending illustration, realism, and vibrant hues. Join me in transforming your ideas into enduring art at Enigma Tattoo Studio, where every tattoo tells a unique and mesmerizing story.

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