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The Evolution of Neo-Traditional Tattooing

Neo traditional tattooing is a modern style that has evolved from the classic American traditional tattoos. This style started gaining popularity in the late 20th century.

Neo Traditional style panther tattoo

Neo traditional tattoos keep some of the bold lines and vivid colors seen in American traditional tattoos but add more detail and a wider range of colors and motifs. This style often includes themes from nature, like animals and flowers, portrayed with a deep, almost mystical level of detail.

owl tattoo design
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The distinctiveness of neo traditional tattoos comes from their emphasis on modern aesthetics while maintaining a nod to the past. Artists in this style use more fine lines and complex shading to give depth and realism that wasn't typical in older traditional tattoos. The imagery is often more intricate, featuring whimsical, dream-like elements that blend the old with the new. This makes neo traditional tattoos highly customizable and personal, allowing for a lot of creative freedom.

tattoo artist

As the tattoo industry has grown, so has the popularity of neo traditional tattoos. They are now one of the most sought-after styles in many tattoo studios worldwide. This style appeals to those who want a link to the traditional aspects of tattoo art but also want something that stands out with a contemporary flair. Neo traditional tattoos continue to evolve, incorporating new techniques and ideas, which keeps them fresh and exciting in the tattoo community.

By Alex Griffin (Griff), Tattoo Artist @ Enigma Studios



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