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Needle Piercing only! NEVER "GUNS"!

Ban Piercing Gun's

Professional piercing artists ONLY use needles! The use of piercing “guns” is not recommended in any circumstance..

Needle Piercing only! NEVER "GUNS"! But why?! We hear you ask... Especially when big chain "trusted" jewellery shops are performing piercings in this way...

Needle piercing is considered superior to “guns” for several reasons:

Professional piercing studio
  • Sterilisation: Needles used for piercing are sterile and single-use, therefore reduce the risk of infection and cross contamination. Gun piercings use a reusable, non autoclavable instrument which is not hygienic.

  • Precision: Needles provide more precise control over the piercing process, allowing for accurate placement and minimising tissue trauma. Gun piercings are often more forceful and cause damage to the surrounding tissues.

  • Healing Process: Needle piercings tend to heal faster and with less complications compared to gun piercings. The clean, sharp needle creates a clean wound that is easier for the body to heal, rather than forcing a blunt jewellery end through the skin.

  • Reduced Pain: Needle piercings are generally less painful than gun piercings, as the process is quicker and more precise.

  • Versatility: Needle techniques are the only safe way to do piercings such as nose, cartilage and body piercings- which should not be attempted with a gun.

Overall, needle piercing is preferred by professional piercers and healthcare providers due to its hygienic practices, precision, and reduced risk of complications compared to gun piercing.

If you have any questions regarding piercing, we are always here to help!

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