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Enigmatic- The Wedding Tattoo Van

happy couple celebrate their wedding day
Beautiful bride and Groom with the wedding tattoo van

Laughter echoes out onto the beautiful gardens at the manor house. Two people, joining hands have just made a forever promise to one another, with their family and friends supporting and celebrating alongside them.  On that very same day, this newly married couple steps out of their busy wedding reception, straight into a tattoo studio…

…. “and this is where we make it official,” the bride jokes…

Yes, it is now possible to have a fully “legit” tattoo studio on wheels come to your wedding reception! Not only do you and your partner get to join each other in getting a meaningful or matching piece of ink for your collection, but you can provide the most amazing keep sake gift for your guests.

The bride getting a new tattoo on her wedding day during a festival themed wedding
Fairy Princess Bride get's a new tattoo

I’m talking Auntie Margaret can get a paw print tattoo for her fluffy cat, your mum can be reminded of your bouquet everyday with a beautiful sunflower piece, Uncle Peter will finally be brave enough for his first tattoo, and that girl (who’s name you always forget) can get some free ink because she tagged along as the Best Man’s “Plus 1”….

Of course, Enigma run through your event to a tee to make sure the couple, and “main” guests are of the highest priority. The day runs a little bit like this…

Whilst the couple are busy saying those all important vows and having their wedding breakfast, Enigma artists are busy setting up the state of the art studio on wheels… parked in a picturesque location next to where the reception is being held. After speeches, the bride takes a sigh of relief that her dad didn’t bring up that one embarrassing story about the time she accidentally locked herself out the house naked…

Bride and Groom matching tattoos on wedding day, till death
Grooms matching Tattoo

The couple make their way to the tattoo van, and are greeted by the artists who have prepared a stencil of the designs they choose before the day! 30 minutes later they have both shared the most amazing first experience as a newly married couple, and received a sentiment of the love they share and a permanent reminder of the happiest day of their lives!

The couple then go and enjoy the rest of the night, safe in the knowledge that they’ve left the Enigma Crew with a list of 30 guests that are really important to them.

Guests are called via a number system, and each get to choose a small design from flash books, there’s around 150 designs to choose from!

The brides version of the matching tattoo for her husband on their wedding day
Brides matching tattoo

“But my Great Granny hates tattoos!”- We hear you- but actually previous weddings we’ve tattooed Grans up to the age of 85! This particular diva came back at midnight whilst we were closing down and insisted on a second go! (We of course could NOT refuse her!)

“This must be super expensive, our budget is small…”- Don’t panic at all, we have you covered. We have 3 budget friendly packages available to suit everyone. If you couldn’t scrimp on the dress, your guests can pay for their own tattoos and the couples come as standard. This is a super popular package and does not make a difference to the amount of guests that want a tattoo.

“I live in the UK, this must not be available here…”- So the best news yet, Enigma Studios are the first company in the UK to bring tattoo studios to weddings. We provide to most areas in the UK, and quotes therefore include travel charges based on miles from our base location in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Contact us now with any questions, or your wedding date and venue postcode for packages and quotations!!

Hope you have an inked day!

Steph Jane- Director @ Enigma Studios

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Emma Stone
Emma Stone
25 févr.

Love this. Your artistry speaks volumes! Every stroke tells a story, and your creativity knows no bounds. Can't wait to see what masterpiece you'll create next. Keep inspiring!

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